A Brush With Love Book Pdf By Mazey Eddings

Download A Brush With Love Book Pdf For Free

Download A Brush With Love Book Pdf For Free

Book Name/Title:- A Brush With Love

Author:- Mazey Eddings

Date Of Publish:- March 2022

Genre:-Romance novel

A Brush With Love Book Pdf :Review By Pdffare.com

A Brush with Love was an emotional and adorable love story.  With characters that leaped from the pages and an easy-to-devour storyline, I flew through this book in no time.  If you’re looking for a slow-burn romance that has an anxiety rep, you need to check out this book!

Dan tamped down the pang of disappointment.  He could be patient.  He’d wait however long it took for her to let him in, brick by brick. Download A Brush With Love E-Book

Harper was in her last year of dental school and leaving in five months to do her residency.    And right from the start, we got to see her in the most captivating meet-cute, I found myself laughing and cringing at the same time.  Harper and Dan had an instant connection, yet they both had so much going on in their lives at the same time.  Their love story was not always easy, but with the most patient book boyfriend ever and a group of friends that tried their best to push them together, this story was definitely intriguing.

Rules were her life preserver in the choppy storm of anxiety and she clung to them with white knuckles.

While I struggled to connect with Harper, she was kind, dedicated, and such a hard worker.  And it hurt as we watched anxiety getting the best of her at times.  While Harper was laser-focused on her schooling, she didn’t even think that a life with dating was an option.  Plus she rationalized that she was leaving in a few months, so why get attached to anyone.  But Dan was persistent in the best of ways!  He knew what he wanted and that was Harper.

A Brush With Love Pdf Download For Free

“I’m going to be the best friend you’ve ever had.” He gently pinched her chin and brought her eyes to meet his.  They were filled with hunger and conflict.

Dan was the shining star in this story for me!  He was warm, friendly, endearing and helped push Harper out of her comfort zone.  I loved how patient, caring and thought he was.  He was truly everything that is good in the world!  Dan always seemed to be there for Harper.  And while I was screaming at Harper just to give him a chance, she would still shut him out at times.  I completely understood why, but it hurt to watch Dan’s heart get crushed. A Brush With Love book download

Holy shit did she want to tell him.  Tell him she knew she’d fucked up.  She knew she was fucked up.
But fear gripped her, the inevitability of rejection paralyzing her.  Because, really, who could love someone like her?

A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings pdf download

One of the things that intrigued me about this story was the feelings that swirl around meeting someone that almost feels like fate.  Or destiny.  And it doesn’t matter that you don’t want to be in a relationship or that it isn’t a good time.  Or that you’re still fixing yourself.  This person came into the life that fits you so well.  But at the same time, they shake everything up and all around.  That was Harper and Dan.  But I will say that it felt like Dan was more into Harper.  He put forth so much effort and heart time and again, and I wanted Harper to do the same.  By the very end of the book, I was happy that Harper was finally the one to make that effort, but I would have loved for their relationship to not be so one-sided.

“I constantly want to touch you.  Hold you.  Smother you in kisses.  I dream about you.  Think about you – it’s just you.  Twenty-four seven.  Only you.”

Download A Brush With Love pdf book

So if you’re looking for a story that is not only cute but packs a lot of feelings into the pages, then you may adore A Brush With Love!  The story was absolutely unique in regards to being in a dental school setting.  And the anxiety rep was so real that in a few of the scenes it took my breath away.  While Harper and I didn’t connect, I still adored Dan and their friends. download A Brush With Love pdf for free. You Also check reviews on Goodreads.com

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