Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond

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Book Name/Tittle:- Great Stories for Children

Author:-  Ruskin Bond

Date Of Publish:-  1 January 2011

Genre:-Short Stories , Children ,Fiction

Short Description:-Great Stories for Children is a collection of some of Ruskin Bond’s most delightful children’s stories. … Google Books

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Great Stories for Children is a potpourri of short stories that effectively transports the reader to the fascinating world of its endearing characters. The ensemble includes Tutu the monkey who is fond of troubling the no-nonsense Aunt Ruby, a pet python who makes sudden appearances at the most unusual places, a troublesome Pret who enjoys stirring up the household he resides in, three young children stranded on the Haunted Hill, Himalayan bears who feast on pumpkins, plums and apricots, a crafty thief who has a change of heart, and Ruskin Bond himself who meets a ghost at a resort in the middle of the night … 

download Great Stories for Children pdf for free

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