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Book Name/Tittle:-  Hook, Line, and Sinke

Author:- Tessa Bailey

Date Of Publish:- 2022

Genre:-Fiction, Romance novel

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Hook, Line, and Sinker book :Review By Pdffare.com

A playboy fisherman learns he can be more than just a pretty face.

Fox Thornton is a king crab fisherman and the resident Casanova of the small coastal town of Westport, Washington. He’s the life of the party and has convinced everyone—even himself—that he’s not capable of anything more. Imagine his surprise when he strikes up a friendship with Hannah Bellinger.

They bonded over a shared love of music when her sister fell in love with his best friend, and Hannah and Fox continue their friendship via text after she returned to Los Angeles, where she works as a production assistant. Hannah doesn’t even think of Fox as a romantic possibility: He’s unbelievably handsome and effortlessly self-confident, while she often feels like a supporting actress in her own life. Hook, Line, and Sinker pdf download

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Hook, Line, and Sinker Book Pdf Download

When the film she’s working on begins shooting on location in Westport, Hannah crashes at Fox’s apartment. It seems harmless enough—she fancies herself in love with a co-worker, and she can’t imagine Fox would ever see her as anything but a friend. Living in close quarters ratchets up the emotional intimacy and sexual tension, leaving Fox and Hannah to each question long-held assumptions about their own worthiness as romantic partners.

Fox has never had anyone that values him for who he is rather than how he looks, and the major arc of the novel is his journey to accepting that he has value beyond being handsome and charming. It’s an unflinching look at how toxic masculinity harms men, for Fox must unpack the weight of cultural norms and expectations he’s been internalizing since childhood. Download Hook, Line, and Sinker pdf

The Match (It Happened in Charleston #1) by Sara Adams

The romance between Hannah and Fox unfolds slowly, with side plots that keep the reader entertained while the main characters do the hard work of figuring out how to be together. Hook, Line, and Sinker ebook download. download Hook, Line, and Sinker pdf for free

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