Napoleon: A Biography

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Download Napoleon: A Biography Ebook/PDF

Download Napoleon: A Biography Ebook/PDF,Napoleon: A Biography,

Napoleon: A Biography Book : Review

Napoleon Bonaparte’s character and achievements have always divided critics and commentators. In this compelling biography, Frank McLynn – Wikipedia draws on the most recent scholarship and throws a brilliant light on this most paradoxical of men–as military leader, lover, and emperor. Download Napoleon: A Biography Book

Tracing Napoleon’s extraordinary career, McLynn examines the Promethean legend from his Corsican roots, through the years of the French Revolution and his military triumphs, to his coronation in 1804 and ultimate defeat and imprisonment.

McLynn brilliantly reveals the extent to which Napoleon was both existential hero and plaything of Fate; mathematician and mystic; intellectual giant and moral pygmy; great man and deeply flawed human being.

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-This massive biography not only sets forth Napoleon’s deeds and acts but explores the motivations behind them. Readers always want to understand what makes great historical figures tick.
-Impeccably researched and clearly written for the general public.
-Gives the reader an eagle’s-eye view of European history during the 40-year period of Napoleon’s reign. – From Goodreaders

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