The Obsession by Preeti Shenoy

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Book Name/Tittle:- The Obsession

Author:- Preeti Shenoy

Date Of Publish:-14 May 2017

Genre:-Fiction ,Romance

Short Description:-How far would you go for an obsession? A short story which explores the dark side that anybody can slip into, when deeply in love.

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The Obsession :Review By

This Book Is Reflective About How Possessive Love Can Turn Into A Destructive Obsession That’s Waiting To Be Tapped Just Round The Corner.

Even Though This Is Just A Short Read Yet The Author Preeti Shenoy Writes At A Leisurely Pace That Takes It’s Own Sweet Time Before It Starts To Grow Upon The Reader And It’s Only Towards The End That It Actually Captivates And It’s The Climax That’s Bound To Haunt The Read Long After The Book Has Been Read..

What Remains With The Reader Is The Stark Reality The Direction Love Can Take And What An Ugly Transformation That Is. As It Can Actually Happen To Anyone Once The Mind Games Begin & What’s Left Behind Is A Sad Waste Of Unnecessary Loss.

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