The Psychology of Self-Esteem

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Book Name/Tittle:- The Psychology of Self-Esteem

Author:- Nathaniel Branden

Date Of Publish:- Originally published in 1969

Genre:- PsychologySelf-esteem

Short Description:-The Psychology of Self-Esteem is a book by Nathaniel Branden, first published in 1969. It explains Branden’s theories of human psychology, focusing on the role of self-esteem. Most of the book was written during Branden’s association with Ayn Rand, and it reflects some of her philosophical ideas. Wikipedia

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From the day it was published, The Psychology of Self-Esteem was recognized as a groundbreaking book that shook the foundations of psychoanalysis. Dr. Branden’s philosophy broke radically with the mainstream thinking of the time and set a new course for our understanding of ourselves and our deepest natures.The brilliance of this benchmark work shines through today as brightly as when it was published, and its message continues to be of vital importance as we enter the twenty-first century. The Psychology of Self-Esteem redefines the relationship of reason to emotion, the nature of free will, and the powerful impact of self-esteem on motivation, work, friendship, sex, and romantic love. 

download The Psychology of Self-Esteem pdf for free

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