Velamma Episode #112 Home Invasion [#English]

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Book Name/Tittle:- Home Invasion



Date Of Publish:-  29 January 2021

Genre:-Erotic ,Velamma Aunty ,Adult Comic ,Erotic

Short Description:-Velamma wakes up Ramesh in the middle of the night complaining of noise downstairs in episode 112 of Velamma Comics.. He thinks she is imagining it, but she makes him go check on it anyway. Unfortunately, Ramesh walks right into a home robbery of their house! 

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Velamma Episode #112 :Review By

In the New Eopisode of Velamma comic 112 , in here home thief were coming ,she was wearing a erotic gown at that time , the guys were asking for money, The burglars claim knowledge of a stash of money hidden somewhere on the premises. Velamma and Ramesh claim no idea what the robbers are talking about. But somebody has to be telling the truth.

So the two villains tie-up Ramesh and Velamma in separate rooms, with an intimate interrogation of Velamma as their plan for finding the location of the hidden money! for know how velamma aunty handle them download the velamma episode 112 for free , download velamma home invasion for free .

download pdf Velamma Home Invasion for free

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